I am a senior with very pretty silver hair. I take good care of it and after a year of growing it to shoulder length -- which hid my newly acquired expensive hearing aides (both ears) , I decided to celebrate and to return to a stylist at a local Hair Cuttery with whom I had been pleased.

Had I been wiser, I would have checked its we3bsite first. It's under new management/ownership and the change has been a management disaSter.

1.No receptionist or anyone else to greet me. Websites is very misleading. No price lists, no great service, not even the normally expected any pr5ofessional couresty to clients.

2. I asked for help from several passing workers; no reply until the third request for help. I asked for the gal I had used before; I was stonewalled. Told that there were two so did I know her name? No, but she had said I was the age of her her mother. "That's no help. Anyone of the two we have with that name could have said that." Me: She was quite young, perhaps early 20s. "They are both young." All this said to me with a nasty 'don;t bother me' tone of voice.

Mistake number one. I should have left immediately. Bad, rude attitudes

in many cases reflect bad management policies. Anyone afraid of losing their jobs don't disrespect the clients or feel free to lose their bosses money. Sloppy managemwent, bad training.

3. I was told I could wait if I wished or leave if I got tired of waiting. I said that I traveled by bus so I needed to have some kind of indication of how long I had to wait. "Stay or leave" was the repeated respond.

Again, I should have left. However, most of those waiting were men so I rationalized that they might not take long -- and I would wait a half hour then leave if necessary.

Instead, a woman worker came to the front when I was the last one waiting and asked, "Who's next?" It was not Heather but by then I realizsed I was not going to get my choice. Another indication of extremely poor management. I guess that these women work on commission and shut out the popular ones to ensure their own followers.

Mistke four. I went to the workspace she signaled me to go to. I asked if we could look at a styling book since I was asking for a different style. We studied the book together, aggreed on a slightly layered, chin length bob and I showed her, at her request, how much hair I wanted to retain in length. Keep my hir to my chin.

We also discussed amiably about what length of hair is most attractive for older women. As I am. We both agreed that long hair, which mine was by now, was often aging. She countered by saying that "but short hair can look manly." I agreed. The length we chose for my new haircut was chin length -- feminine and appropriate for my maturity. In addition, I was pleased that the mid length style would still hide my expensive over the ear digital hearing aides i had just acquired, I did not have them on at that moment for obvious reasons.

End of any negotiation.

And then it all went south.

She asked me where I came from and I told her I had moved to the location sight unseen and had had horrendous experiences where I found myself so I was now just very recently relocated to the salon's area. She said that she had never heard of a bad neighborhood in this neighboring resort town. I explained that there was a pocket of drug dealing and police drug busts in my last home area and added that I had been awakened there recently by gunshots and a wave of police presence. She let me know that she was a life long resident of this area as was her entire family and was surprised to hear of any bad neighborhood there.

5. I suddenly realized that she was cutting off my hair to a very short short length. It is actually 1/8 of a scrubble left on the back of my neck and the "chin length" bob we had agreed upon was now cut to the tips of my earlobes with slanted removal behind my ears!

I was horrified. I said "Stop. What are you doing?You're cutting off all my hair. Stop!"

She said, very calmly, "Oh didn't you want it up to your cheekbones?"

My cheekbones! Who on earth would request that!

She calmly -- amazingly calmly -- continued to dry my hair acting as if I wasnot upset at all.

. I told her again to stop right there. To leave it alone. To just let me dry the back so I wouldn't catch cold. Again, her lack of apology and her pretense that I was not upset felt abusive to me. Barbara said, calmly again, "I won't charge you for this." Still continuing, against my wishes and instructions, to brush my hair as if we were all fine and dandy.

When she finally allowed me to leave her chair, she said to a woman now at the desk, "There's no charge." In a happy satisfied tone.

No apology. No surprise at my horror. No concern for her own reputation.

5. AFter I got home and called back to speak to the manager, barbara, came ot the phone and introduced herself as the Manager! True or not, when I asked for the telphone number of the District Manager,she gave me a wrong number. The man Joseph who answered said it was the technical department and the attached recording indicated that it was a line used to provide tax info to salon employees!

No charge? Not much return for what feels like an attack on my very pretty silver hair as a misguided sense of family pride in geography.

The woman seemed proud of her clever payback to me.

I sincerely offer this very sad story -- from a patron who trusted that anyh professional would behave like one.

Whho trusted that I would be using my new hearing aides without others observations or comments at my holiday dinner party and afterwards. Trust your gut. Do not trust that others do not have their own sometimes deeply buried agendas and aboveall, do not offer any information to strangers. You cannot know how they are receiving it. Bad company that tolerates these chronicled behaviors and than brags online that they offer uniquely wonderful service and talents. Every attitude seeps down from the top.

Especially do not,as I was,be tempted by Hair Cuttery's seductive new television ad. Bah, humbug.

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