Worked at the Haircuttery at Aramingo Crossings in Philadelphia. It was cut throat from the start with a certain stylist who then became the assistant manager.

She started nit picking little things on me and telling me i needed to start getting in commission or I'd get hours cut.

This all coming from a pot smoking ex ***/*** who can't even take care of her kids.Then the manager started being besties with her and both ganged up on me...All I can say is once a ***, always a ***! Who wears 5 inch red platform heels to work....only her!

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Orange, California, United States #795229

Why did they hire you in the first place. You sound like you are eight years old to begin with. We have child labor laws you know.


I have seen a lot of hair stylists where heels, etc. to work.

I don't know how they do it, but they manage, and what business is it of yours what type of shoes a person wears to work? Your complaint loses credibility when it comes to name calling and making statements about a co-worker/supervisor, that you have no proof of.

to anonymous Orange, California, United States #795232

I agree and it also makes her look like she is eight years old. Also if this is not true about the manager than the manager can sue this person for slander.

This child should have gotten her parents permission before posting such a hateful childish review. Sounds to me like the OP is a person with poor people skills and that is why she was forced to leave.

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