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I am of Hispanic decent and have very full, thick, curly hair and I decided to have it blow dried straight for my birthday weekend. I went to Hair Cuttery off of Old Dixie highway exit off the i95 in palm coast.

I was greeted by the receptionist and told I would be seen in 20 minutes so I had a seat. I was on my phone but was on hold and overheard and saw the stylist point at me and say "see that there I have to do that" . I never in my life been so humiliated. Needless to say I did not get my hair done there.

Seems like hair cuttery employees needs to attend some sensitivity trainings along with anti-discrimination seminars.

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Sounds like you were stuck with two very inexperienced girls who didn't appreciate there job. I work for Hair Cuttery and I would have loved to blow dry your beautiful thick gorgeous curls for your birthday girl. I'm so sorry they were hateful to you :,(

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