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Be warned In February of 2008, a girl at the Hair Cuttery salon in Illinois completely ruined my hair. Went in for a highlight and lowlight touch up and cut, the color product was left on my hair for 7 hours, then she double processed it when the color turned out orange instead of blonde and she bleached over all my lowlights.

Then she tried to redo the lowlights and the it bled in spots into my highlights. My hair was 6 inches past my neck, now I have chunks of hair that are only 2 1/2 inches long.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hair Cuttery Hair Highlighting.

Monetary Loss: $95.

Location: Chicago, Illinois

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Dos anyone know if you request a refund, does the stylist know about it...in illinois?


I am a hair Stylist and did work for Hair Cuttery at one point, I'm not happy with the company. BUT I do need to say as a stylist, your story is ridiculous.

A color process is 45 minutes, that's it...no more to say and bleach maybe 20 min tops with heat. 7 hours you would be bald honey.


Wtf is wrong with u????? Anyone knows bleach is damaging when left on for that long!

How dare you make stuff up! You are a liar.

Me as a stylist cant stand when people make up stuff like how long stuff is left on and how short their hair is. Wow what an ***!


:? Is there a reason you sat for 7 hours?

Even three hours is way too long.

If they used color to do the hilights than 45 mins max then most colors stop processing anyway...if bleach she should have checked periodically to see the progress and after 3 hours you would be lucky to have hair, let alone 7. Maybe you should research before you make another statement on here & if this story is true by some stretch of the imagination your an *** and so is the stylist.


I find it a little ridiculous that you sat there for that stylists whole shift and didn't say a word about the time?? Your obviously lying.

Get a life this is why the Hair Cuttery has such a bad rep because people like you come up with false statements and people that don't know anything about hair believe it.

Trust me no stylist would ever leave a lightening product on someones head for 7 hours, we do go through a significant amount of training and know that is absolutely WRONG and dangerous!


sounds like you have serious issues damaged hair, who in their right mind would sit for 7 hours with color on their hair??? And now you are complaining about some manager at another hair cuttry , do you have nothing better to do? Get a life lady your stories don't even make sense!!!!


i have seen stylist do this


:grin ...oh well if u sat there and let them...requesting an ounce of common sense please!


DUH...why would anyone be *** enough to allow someone to leave color on their hair for that long? by the way color stops processing after so many minutes anyway and after 7 hours your hair would have fallen out with the foils. Get your *** straight!!!!


I have trouble believing that anyone would be *** enough to sit in a hair cuttery for seven hours regardless of what's in their hair.


I don't buy this story at all. No one in their right mind would leave color on your hair for 7 hours.

Do you have any idea what color does as it processes? After a couple hours (as you claim it was 7) it would literally foam out of the foils because of the heat. As a concerned customer, why the *** wouldn't you have spoken up after all these chemicals starting leaking on your head, because that's exactly what would have had to happen.

If you are somehow pissed off at the Haircuttery for other reason, please do not come on here with outlandish stories. There are many respectable stylist who work for Haircuttery who do a *** good job.


Did you wonder why the color was in your hair for 7 hours? At all?


:cry honey that happened to me it was only on for 3 hours


Out of curiosity, did she somehow manage to sneak it past you that the stuff was in your hair for 7 hours...or did you actually let her? Saying as you were going in for a touch up and the stuff is all greasy and sticky if you leave it in your hair, I find it hard to completely blame her for your hair...


OMG ! now im scared to go to hair cuttery .

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