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It is are just a number. I have never once had a customer come back with a complaint, a redo, NEVER because to me...that is my name walking out that door with my customer.

I enjoy what i do and i take my time with my customers, i educate them. I am not "pushy" when it comes to retail. Our names are posted for everyone to see who does what in the back, and there is usually smart comments posted along with it. I do try to sell retail, but im not going to make someone feel uncomfortable in my chair in order to do so.

I am in jeopardy of losing my job because of this. I take pride in where i work and i do clean and greet people. The girls with the "high numbers" do "5 minute haircuts" (i kid you not) they purposely overcharge customers, sign customers in as requests when they are not, get people to purchase retail and then return it, and CONSTANTLY have customers come back with BAD HAIRCUTS.

When I tried to talk to someone MY SCHEDULE WAS CHANGED because there is no confidentiality what so ever. I am now probably going to lose my job


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could somebody tell as how Mach does it pay to work for them???!!!! :?


Maybe it could be that this company could use a facelift and new leadership.Maybe some of the older concepts are dated, and they can use new leaders to introduce more progressive concepts.

If by chance, that does happen, the average stylist could be happier in their position and have a light at the end of the tunnel, concerning their career.As this industry is constantly evolving, sometimes its is not necessarily the company but the individual looking forward.


I worked at a few different Hair cuttery's at different time in all positions.I would Just Like to say that the company when I started was great.

Things have changed over the years and Some not for the better. Denise Ratner used to come in to the salons and talk to the stylist, customers, heck would even help sweep. Since he has let the company go more into corporate hands verses, him overseeing things it as not as good. I think you had a bad manager.

The company as a whole is a good company to work for. As a Salon manager, I think one person was ever fired from Salon, most of the people working in the salon I worked at are still there and most have been with hair cuttery 10 years or more. A company that has employees with that much time in can not be that bad.

It is a shame you had such a bad experience.

you were treated unfairly by a manager.Salon leaders should coach you not fire you.


msm: well i am soo happy for you and im glad that you can have confidence in every salon leader that has ever worked for Ratner companies.Do you personally know every one of them??

Obviously not because not long after my posting on this site...the salon leader lost their job and hmm suprise, suprise i won my case because i was treated unfairly and discriminated against and was a single mother who lost their job 1 week before christmas...oh yeah real nice company.

I truly hope that you continue being "happily" employed...i really do.I also hope that you never have to work with someone who just decides that they are going to push you out the door one day for no good know employees come and go so you never know when you may come up against someone not so nice who makes your life miserable for no other reason than just because they can!


I am a salon leader at hair cuttery and i love it.

if you do your job, you wont have a problem


If you do not have any write ups and feel that you have been treated unjustly first seek help from your district leader, then regional leader if you cannot get the help you were looking for.


I have been with this company on and off for almost 17 years. I have held every position in the salon from a shampoo tech to a salon leader and I have to say I am appalled that there are people that feel so badly about the company.

I am not denying these things may be true for you but I must say that I have never encountered these things myself .... I am currently a Salon Leader and I believe that EVERY person on my team plays an important role and that its not about retail sales or 5 minute haircuts but about service - atmosphere - integrity and quality. I DO NOT tolerate overcharging of clients - as I am a consumer myself and NEVER want to be ripped off .... and while I encourage my girls to educate their clients about retail and make suggestions it is merely because I want their clients to be able to address client concerns and the clients to get the most out their hair at home .... I have 'high flyers' and I have 'dabblers' but THEY ALL are important to me .... they are my family .... all I want for them is success in their career (whatever that looks like for them)and to love where they work and know that the sky is the limit and I will give them a boost to get there if they need it ...

Happy people breed success and I'm almost curious as to where (in what area) you work as I work closely with my Regional AND District Leaders and I KNOW that what you are describing would NOT be tolerated by either of them.

There is a reason we changed our titles from managers to leaders ....I want to LEAD MY PEOPLE TO SUCCESS .... no matter if its - spending more time with their family and making the most out of a few hours in the salon or they want to go on to be more than just a stylist and flourish in their careers ....

It truly breaks my heart that your experiences have made you feel this way about an organization that is - in my eyes- one of a kind .... there is a reason I keep coming back (I only ever left to have a child and to teach at a beauty school). I am also saddened to think that there MAY be Leaders out there ruining what the owner is truly trying to create for our industry which is a place for all of us to shine - no matter what our contribution is...

Again - my apologies and I only wish you could have seen the better side of who we are .... I hope you find happiness wherever you choose to take your talent!!

to shocked #1158263

^^ Spoken like a TRUE 'LEADER' - Bravo! :-)

I WISH all salon 'leaders' had your integrity and attitude.

Sadly, many do not.

As well, many recent hires in our salon are druggies, and low lifes (sadly that ^ is reflection of what the area has become and has to offer).

Unfortunately, this makes for a very uncomfortable work environment when you're afraid your tools, tips, anything/everything will be stolen when you walk out to get a drink or take a break.


I've worked for them for 27 years and maybe it's just the salon I work in, but I have a very good time at my job.Our girls work well together and have a good reputation.

The clients are well taken care of and are happy to come back.I feel sorry for those of you that are unhappy.


Something has to be done with that manager for running such a shady business.

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