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Gave it a couple years, and tried again. My other daughter has never had an issue.

But my youngest has long straight hair. The only short part is her bangs...which are down to her chin. Asked for a trim, and they cut layers! And not even good layers.

I could have done a better job with my *** eater! She starts her first day of high school next Monday, and I have been listening to her cry about how ugly she looks now, and does not want anyone to see her hair. It may be a bit over the top, but if you work on your hair for two years....and hitting a milestone such as high school, the last thing you need is for someone to screw up your hair. It is not like we can get this grown back out overnight!

Do not go to this company. I will never visit them again. I have before and after pictures to back up my story. I don't know what people think a freakin' trim is.....it means, barely take anything off!!

I have to put in a value of $21, but is there a real value on this? Money won't get her hair back!

Review about: Hair Cuttery Haircut.

Monetary Loss: $21.

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Get her some women's daily vitamins and a hair, skin, and nails supplement. Have her use sulfate free hair shampoo from Ulta, get a good quality conditioning treatment, and do an egg-honey-coconut oil hair treatment and it will grow back in noooo time! I had the same thing happen to my hair and a friend suggested this to me and my hair was back to length in 6 weeks!

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Went to Hair Cuttery in April and aaked for highlights....im in my 30's so I have had this done many times. I think the stylist left the bleach on too long....all my hair fell out.....I could not even run my fingers through the little I had left.....

it was terrible...I cried for months. I will never go there again!!!!!


There isn't a book that is out there that has pictures of what a "trim" is everyone has a different definition of a "trim" some will say a trim & show u 4 inches & then others only want the least amount off. You probably think u can have 3 layers on your hair.


Take her to get the layers reblended. Not a hard fix.

Perhaps some fresh highlights to brighten her spirit. Honestly it doesn't look awful just needs to be blended better and reshaped.

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