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I went to hair cuttery in quakertown, pa to get a hair cut and asked for brown highlights , the lady bleached my hair ( full set ), my hair looks yellow blond brassy and ugly orangish brown, she said oh it's not that bad, she even over charged me saying my hair is long then cut it !!!!!, I called and demanded a refund . Beware of cheap chain solons, they are hair and color shufflers!!!!....Horrible experience!!!!.

now i have to pay someone else to fix my hair and wait a while before i can get it back to normal.. Hair cuttery NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Hair Cuttery Hair Highlighting.

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Hence the name Hair CUTTERY..they are wonderful with cutting hair but why would you go to a glorified barber shop for anything but that?

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I would also like to comment on my experience today at a local Hair Cuttery. I decided to give Hair Cuttery a chance since my stylist wasn't able to fit me in. To make a very long story short...

I told the stylist I wanted to go darker. My hair when I walked in was dirty blonde. (I'm a natural brunette) After 2.5 hours, my hair is blonder than I have ever wanted it to be. I thought, well, it isn't that horrible. I tipped her and left thinking I just won't return. To my surprise when I returned home I noticed my roots toward the back of my head were orange! I called the salon and asked to speak with the stylist, she already left. I spoke with the Asst. Man. she asked for me to come back in and they will fix it.

When I arrived I had 3 stylists and the AM looking at my hair and criticizing the job that was done.

Another 2.5 hours later, my hair is darker, the color looks natural, the orange is gone, and I'm happy!

However, I pulled the AM aside and asked her if there is anything I could do about the tip. I didn't feel it was fair for me to tip another $25. She called the Manager and told me there is nothing she can do. She told me I don't have to tip the lady. (the one that spent 2.5 hr on my hair fixing it and making me a happy customer) I told her it isn't my character not to tip and I don't feel that is right. She apologized and told me there is nothing she can do.

When I went to give the tip to the stylist she refused to take it. After pleading with her she told me to give it to her next time. I told her unfortunately there won't be a next time due to the way the Manager is handling the situation. I explained she did a great job and I'd love to give her my business at another salon.

I feel they should have atleast given me a $25 gift card to make up for my loss of time and money. That way they wouldn't have lost a customer as well.

Also, since when does Hair Cuttery charge $130 for color w/out a cut?? There are upscale salons in this area that don't charge this kind of money.

to laurziee523 #981043

I am a salon manager and I agree completely with the manager you spoke with. Once you have tipped someone you do not get it back. It was your choice to tip, it is not a charge for services and therefore is never refunded.


It isn't the "Chain Salon", I've worked 27 years for the same company and have never had a client return due to a bad hair service. If I cannot do a particular service I tell them.

It is that particular stylist who is at fault who isn't honest ! I can understand it is easier to blame a place rather then the responsible individual and we all suffer !


you are right they are awful ! get your money back !!

First off- for brown colors it is "deposit" color so that is considered a "low-light" not a highlight. unless your hair is black she never should have put bleach on it for a low light service. Bleach lifts color -hence "High-light" and also had no idea how to put in the foils. was it supposed to be streaks, chunks, slices or weaved ??

Did you get a sit down in her chair consultation ?? Were you completely comfortable with the consultation before she went to the backroom ? Wer you "WoWed and Delighted" by your service ? get your money back !

that is the guranteed by the owner Dennis Ratner !

SO, ask for the district leaders name (get correct spelling) & voice mail #. calmly explain the issue from start to finish & be direct , dont be talked into what you don't want again who can afford that !


I had the exact SAME experience this week!!! Do I wish I found this site before I went!

I am so annoyed! I went in to have one inch trimmed from my almost to the elbow-length hair, and left with a mangy, straggly layered...I DON"T KNOW WHAT! Then, I went back the next day for someone to "Fix" it, and was *** enough to have someone else there give me a "Partial" foil highlighting....and now I have uneven, ridiculously chunky blond highlights that I could have done better when I was 15 years old! I am EMBARRASSED to go to work!

I can't afford to get it "fixed" again---would you believe they even made me pay? The lady who tried to "fix" the cut, screwed it up more--and now, SIX INCHES SHORTER---I have an above the shoulder bob to get rid of the uneven shaggy layers! And I was trying to grow my hair even longer!! The second lady had to call on a third to come over and cut more in attempt to make some kinds of sense out of my hair!!!

And now I'm a bleached blonde--and I only asked for a partial hightlight?

Unbelievable.....They also told me that I was the FIFTH person who came back complaining about the first woman who cut my hair (who luckily was off that day)...And then the lady who told me that went and wrecked my hair even more!!

Quakertown, PA salon near Walmart. I should have never tried to save a few bucks during a bad economy...and gone to my regular girl at Regis.......

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