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As a birthday present, my husband took me to get my hair done. We took a photo of the color and style that I wanted(an actual picture of me) – I wanted to go from straggly-long to short and brown with minimal highlighting to mostly high-lift cool blonde.

The cut was long side-swept bangs and short just below the jawline shaggy/messy cut. When we entered the salon my husband discretely asked who was the best at providing what we needed –sadly we received an answered that they were are equal. I explained to the stylist that my hair was extremely fine, hard to lift with stubborn orange undertones, and the very top of my head would take longer to lift. I explained that I often pin my hair back/up and never wear it straight because it's so fine.

It took the stylist hours to highlight my hair. She started at the nape working her way up –removed the foils from my nape to just above my ears while she finished the crown then 15 minutes later removed those foils. When I saw my hair there was still a lot of brown, very little highlights. At the nape of my neck the highlights were white and gradually to the top, it went from blonde to yellowish-orange.

The stylist brought me toner samples, all of which looked yellow. I specifically told her that I didn't want yellow/orange – I wanted COOL tones. She took the book back and said that she knew what to do. After applying the toner I was still yellow/orange on my crown.

The work she did was awful, I could lift my hair and count the number of foils she used, they were so few and far between and started the highlights too far away from my scalp that it looked like I was 6-weeks out from the initial highlight. I also ended up with the stylist's hair cut. She cut my long bangs off straight across my eyes and the length in a straight blunt cut just above my shoulders. I kept explaining to the stylist that this wasn't what I wanted.

At this point I wouldn't let her cut anymore for fear of what she'd do. The stylist tried to style my hair by parting it down the middle and blow-drying it straight. At that point I just wanted to leave –I was extremely upset and crying. I was so embarrassed that I just got up and walked out leaving my husband behind.

The whole salon knew I was upset and the stylist just took my husband's hard-earned money without trying to fix what she created.

If she didn't understand or didn't know what to do she should have consulted another stylist or the manger. I'm still so very upset and wear my hair in a ponytail or wear hats to hide my awful hair and cry when I look in the mirror.I included pics - 1st is style I wanted, 2nd is before pic, and 3rd is recent pic (2 months after).

Product or Service Mentioned: Hair Cuttery Hair Highlighting.

Monetary Loss: $120.

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im sorry ,but the 3 pic is the best ,, if she didnt blow dry ur hair u would be not that sad , she should put some awesome products for curls and send u home ,cuz the color look right to me


I think the third picture looks the best


It looks like she gave you a cut quite similar to that one except for the colour is not the same. Your bangs aren't even done straight across either they look like your bangs from before.

If you were to curl your hair instead of keeping it straight it would be shorter like that. When you bring in a picture of a curly haired woman to your hair dresser they cannont determine true length and layers.


It's {{Redacted}} hair, to say you are destroyed because it was mangled is ridiculous. Get a life , people have cancer and lose their hair .


It doesn't look bad, calm down geez.

Orlando, Florida, United States #784940

Hair Cuttery sucks so bad. No smiles when leaving that *** hole.

My hair was destroyed in a hair cuttery. It was almost to my bra strap and this so called friend fried my hair to pieces.

I had to cut it above my ears. It makes me sick when I walk by a mirror or have to shower and do my hair. I never leave the house. Now I cannot style it because it has to re-grow and get healthy.

I do not know if she got fired but I sure got mangled. I was harmed psychologically and physically. Affordable does not mean someone is to mangle a beautiful head of hair. This happened in the greater Orlando area in FL to be more specific.

I have been traumatized and am barely able to function because my esteem was destroyed by an ***.I need to figure out how to post a picture.... :cry
to marty #869461


to marty Laguna Niguel, California, United States #900500

You are absolutly rediculous. You are "one of those people." Smh

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