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Three weeks ago went to Hair Cuttery to get mom's hair wash, dry and set with curlying iron. Been doing this for two years no problems.

Back in October mom had a strok and her dementia is getting worse.Two weeks ago I take her to get her hair done and Charlenne refused to do her hair she has been doing mom's hair for two years, she stated that there would be a two hour wait, ok I ask for someone else, a stylist put mom in the chair and then said O sorry I can't due you I'll get someone else. So then a small stylist comes and gets moms hair done she was nice but you could tell she wasn't into it.On Sunday, April 14, 2013 my sister takes mom to get her hair done and upoun telling them what we wanted done, Amanda a stylist comes to the front and yells if we do your mom's hair you can't leave her my sister stated that this was the first time she have brought her and that my sister brings her every saturday and mom is never left alone. Amanda yells infront of the whole store that mom is a problem and and she has done mom's hair before and know how she acts. Well first of all Amanda has never done mom's hair and mom is 80 years old and doesn't say much only that how pretty you are or how sweet and thank you.

Amanda doesn't like doing elderly people along with charlene.Mom was very upset thinking she did something wrong the staff there was rude and very unprofessional. How can a business run like this ????The store was crowded and it was pretty sad to thank that a company would hire these type of people to help the public with there hair needs. The manager just sat there and didn't say a word as she doesn't every saturday she just sits and bosses people and eats.I don't understand how a store can run and not accept all types of people with no hesitation. Waiting to hear from the the company.

We were told if we don't like it go some where else.!!! Just because mom has dementia'

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Hi so very very sorry for what happed to your mom and your family. I wish you all lived in Florida becouse it would be a honor and a privilege to do your moms hair.

You can tell she raise a good family. At her seasoned age she deserves respect.

Lets just say that would not have happened at my location. God bless you all.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #637814

lynngrimes, I didn't say you should put your mother in a home, I asked if she was in one. There is a difference.

More power to you if you can still take care of your mother. I am 73 years old and over the years I have visited lots of people in nursing homes. Just because somebody is in a home doesn't mean that they can dress themselves, etc. I also didn't say you should take her to a home to have her hair done.

I stated that most homes have a hair salon in them for the residents to use if they so choose.

You put an entirely different meaning on what I said, than what I actually said. I only asked an innocent question.

to anonymous #1341646

Wow you are trying to defend you actions. Do the world a favor QUIT DOING HAIR NOW .

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #637785

You did not lose $1,000.00 over this. If your Mom is in a nursing home or something, don't they have a styling salon on site?

All of the homes where I live have styling salons right on site, that way the residents don't have to get out if they don't want to. Also those salons are usually lower priced than the public ones.

to anonymous Baltimore, Maryland, United States #637808

mom is not in a nursing home she lives with us at home I would never put in a home, apparently you have never been in one. And $1,000 is just a number we don't want money the computer said put something in it.

What type of person are you?

And why would you say take my mom to a nursing home to get her hair done she is not dead, and can dress herself and talk, eat and sleep with no help from me. I wish I could meet with you to just see what type of person you are thank God you aren't taking care of her.

to lynngrimes #1341651

I am a hair dresser of 20 years. God i dont and don't want to understand people like that stylist. Classless and no Morales.

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