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I will never go to hair cuttery again and I advise you all to do the same. I went to a hair cuttery several days ago and now I have gotten head lice. There is no other situation where I could have gotten the lice. Also the time frame matches up perfectly to have hair cuttery be the cause of the lice. I did notice while I was there that some of the brushes were not completly clean sitting on the counter however I did not believe they would be the... Read more

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My mom has been doing hair for 35+ years...could barely live off the wages but she loved it. Now they take the tips. Out of a 1700 check and earnings she got 500...for two weeks. How the *** do you expect hair stylist to live like this... haircuttery youve ruined lives and dreams with your greed. *** you to the highest level for that. I hope you fix this before you ruin some other girls dream. All their life wanting to do hair im not sure why... Read more

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I had fun with my stylist was not the problem i thought i liked the color when I was there but it been a couple of days and my color is to dark and my highlights turned orange can i be fixed if i go back im embarrassed to do this but i payed alot of money for this.

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I will never go to hair cuttery on wilkens ave again. Theres a faget who works there keeps looking at me. People like that should be fired. Read more

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Julianna in the Whiting NJ location is the absolute best. I have visited her 3 times and each time I have left with a smile

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Hair Cuttery Haircut Review from Boston, Massachusetts
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The 1st picture is when the hair dresser screwed up my bangs and the 2nd picture is her attempt to fix the mess she made when she seen my face. I had bangs that were mid cheek all i wanted was them to be eyebrow length and showed her a picture and now i have atleast 2 months of looking ridiculous. Read more

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If I could give no star I would certainly do that .. I sit here tonight under the dryer while I write my review. I am in utter disgust by the way I have been treated by Grace( Hispanic speaking ) and one of the Asian hairdresser ( supposedly supervisor). From the minute I walked in the two hairdresser stood at the front desk arguing over who knows what? Money? I stood there and watched patiently waited for them to finish since my presence was... Read more

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Hair Cuttery - I'm so embarrassed to go out. They made me look ridiculous!
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I got a perm which Fried! Damaged! my hair. Breaking off! Stylists set me under dryer later found out that's a No No. Has to all be cut off. swore I would never go back. Against my better judgement I went 08/09/16 @ 8:30 pm to get my eyebrow cleaned up. Figured they couldn't mess that up. I WAS WRONG!!!!! I have half a brow on one side, and a complete brow on other that looks like it was drawn on with #2 pencil. I was charged for a... Read more

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I had a horrible experience at the HC in Bowie, MD. I had requested that my hair be colored platinum. The hair stylist stripped my hair 9 shades which was fine. Then I had to wait for 4 weeks to return for desired color. Omg, shortly after she, an assistant manager, applied the dye the right side of my head was burning. She rinsed it out and my hair was tinged purple on the ends and white. She advised me that she needed to re apply it since it... Read more

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My hair is ruined! Fried!!! Looks and feels like straw!! Breaking off! They should be sued!!! Stylists have no idea what they are doing. Has to all be cut off

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