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I have been to the hair cuttery on lantana and jog in lake worth fl only twice. I will never go back again. First time the stylist did not even listen to how I wanted it cut. Just did what she wanted to. So I thought if I go back I won't have her cut my hair. I got Michael and he gave me the worst cut I have ever had! He cut my hair dry he said that's what he always does. Then he got a stool and sat down while cutting my hair. One side... Read more

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Went in for a trim and the woman cut at least four inches off! She said she was "trimming the lyers." I have curly hair. I look like a clown. I'm so, so disappointed. Never again Willow grove, pa Add comment

There is a women who works at a haircuttery on city line and i was there getting my hair done when all of a sudden a women came out of no where screaming this is what happens whenyou sleep with someone's husband. This women bus out all the windows in the shop. I was scared for my life. Is this the kind of behavior that hair cuttery is allowing now. That your employees is sleeping around with the clients now. I felt the hurt for thst women,andvi... Read more

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Two days ago I went to the Hair Cuttery on Plank Road in Fredericksburg VA for a trim and one small change, add long bangs. I now have bangs that look like a 4 year old cut them and in places are only 1 inch long. They gave me the cut for free. Not to mention the rest of the cut is uneven. Ive got to live with this??? I've made calls to corporate and the local store and No one has bothered to return my calls. Read more

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My daughter went to hair cutters to have colored streaks put in her hair. Her hair is shoulder length. She bought the shampoo and conditioner they recommend and the total was over$200. She went back after 3 days because the color was coming off all over her skin and clothes. 9 days after her color was done it had faded to a washed out mess. I brought her back and the hairdresser said they don't have a manager, the color will fade and so on. I... Read more

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Hair cuttery in Springfield Pennsylvania Is a salon where the unprofessional hairdresser works , cluless and space out , there on no obe there that even knowledgeable about color ! Add comment

Hadbthe worst exp at HC for the first time ever. Really need to cintact a district manage or area manager corporate line i believe has outsourced to cambodia.... Add comment

Haircuttery is the home of the homeles hairstylist the pay is horrible. You work almost 40hours and bring home this tiny check and you have done close to a thousand dollars in services who can live on that. All the stylist live with someone because they can't afford to live on their own.The stylist at the hair cuttery so broke the stylist were telling me they had to go on a date just so she can eat. THIS IS REAL!!! So Dennis Ratner is sueing... Read more

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Bad management at plantation tower shop Add comment

I had the worst experience at the haircuttery in west boyston Massachusetts the stylist Ana was rude and looked like she had been crying the whole day I was so nervous about it that I decided to get a trim instead of what I wanted because I was afraid that she would mess it up I feel I deserve not only a refund but she should get fired and she should be ashamed and embarrassed about how she not only appeared but how awful I was treated. Read more

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